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Ms Amazing: Femme Fatale snippet
Ms Amazing Public Service
Here's a raw scene from my current WIP, Ms Amazing: Femme Fatale by JK Waylon. This is first draft, unedited. Hopefully it's pretty clean. But this is a scene featuring the villainess of the story.

I'm still writing super heroines, including Ms Americana. In fact, I've been working on a few of the Ms A WIPs I have. Super Mom is going slow for some reason. I hope to have a full story (probably will be a Ms Americana) before end of November.

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More Pictures
Ms Amazing Public Service
First of all, whoa! The LJ ad at the top of the page I see IS HUGE. WTF?

Okay, I found some more picture of a "heroic" nature. Hope you enjoy.

First off, Black Cat. Some of these cosplay girls are amazing.

Wonder Woman

More super heroine humor pictures
Ms Amazing Public Service

I just figured out I can upload gif files and they would run.

Super Heroine Glory
Ms Amazing Public Service

And here's a skimpier attired version...

And some women really give good Lara Croft cosplay...

Catgirl: Dark Harvest excerpt
Ms Amazing Public Service
Here is the first chapter of my next Catgirl story. It's not finished, but I hope to publish by end of year. I've already made the cover. See? Ain't it pretty?

This is Catgirl. A super heroine in all black leather and latex.

Removed cover originally posted, since it was the WRONG cover for this story.
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Holiday Season
Ms Amazing Public Service
Well, we're in the holiday season now. Halloween is done, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

I hurt my shoulder last April working on house repairs, when I should've hired someone to do the job. I ended up hiring someone after I was hurt, of course. Well, it got worse and worse, and I finally went to the doctor about it Friday. He gave me a cortisone shot, and I FEEL MUCH BETTER! I go back Wednesday for a follow up. I might have to see a specialist for it.

The steroid pack he prescribed to go with it kind of messed me up a little. Yep, I've taken steroids now. I can never be an Olympic writer. Another dream down the drain.

Happy Halloween
Ms Amazing Public Service
I would be remiss in not acknowledging Halloween. There are just too many sexy pictures created for this holiday.

Obligatory sexy Halloween picture...

On the Wonder Woman picture front, it's been slim pickens out there.

Are all artists (art and writing) in a slump right now? I know people aren't buying as many books. We are deep in the annual fall slump, but things have usually picked up at the end of November. If they don't I might have to find a REAL job again.

I'm in the process of figuring out how to continue publishing super heroine fiction within the Amazon constraints, while keeping the heat level as high as the readers expect. They don't make it easy. I have some ideas. I'm working on a Catgirl story, a Ms Amazing story, and a Ms Virtue story. All of them stalled when the last Ms Patriot story was blocked.

I've worked on the next installment of Super Mom this weekend. Progress is slow because it is raining here, and rainy days make me sleepy. I wonder if I can use that in a super heroine story? Hmmm Anyway, I revamped the outline since I didn't think anything was happening. Still, this next one looks like it going to be a LOT more sex for our poor undercover heroine. I hope her fragile mind can handle all of that kinky sex. Scary, right?

Anyway, the holiday season is upon us. I hope everyone is doing better now than they were last year at this time. Let us pray for a better 2016.

Harem of the Orc King
Ms Amazing Public Service
The third installment of my fantasy series "Misadventures of the Randy Elfmaid) has been published
--- Harem of the Orc King.

Warrior princess Duvessa goes to the rescue with her elfin air cavalry. They are fighting orcish raiders who have taken elves and humans prisoner. Her attack is successful, freeing the prisoners, but her direhawk is killed over the battlefield and she is captured.

Given to Fulk, King of Orcs, she must find a way to not only escape, but rescue all of the humans and elves being held in the orcish capitol. And no one has ever escaped from the orcs before.

How will Duvessa win her freedom? This randy elf maid has lots of wicked ideas and schemes, but which one will lead to victory? Yet, no one does it better than Duvessa.

This novella is a 19,750 word fantasy misadventure romp.

Amazon Link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

No super heroines, but some of you might enjoy fantasy. Duvessa is a frisky, or randy, elf maid who gets into some adventures.

Pen name is Warren Thomas and it's only available on Amazon.
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Ms Patriot: The Contract is LIVE
Ms Amazing Public Service
My latest Ms Patriot book is out – Ms Patriot: The Contract.

This book was originally posted on Mr. X's site as Ms Americana: The Contract. That version is still up and available. The book published has been expanded and edited, but it is essentially the same story.

It is not available on Amazon, because they choose to not publish it. So it is only available on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. See links below.

Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest!

Grimme City's super heroines are young, hot, and descended of the legendary Viking Valkyrie.

Ms Patriot finally captures and unmasks the super cat burglar Heike. In jail and humiliated, Heike puts a contract out on Ms Patriot.

Savant has the contract to destroy Ms Patriot, but her task is not to just assassinate the beautiful super heroine. Oh no. Her contract says she must discover Ms Patriot's secret identity, and then destroy the reputations of both her civilian and heroine personas'. Only then will Savant capture and deliver the broken heroine to Heike for the final nail in the coffin.

Savant isn't the first to attempt that feat. Will she be the first to succeed?

This super heroine in peril, urban fantasy story gets down and dirty, showing the dark side of costumed vigilantism.

This is a novella of approximately 15,650 words.


Barnes & Noble:


Krash Zone hotness
Ms Amazing Public Service
I discovered the website "The Krash Zone" this morning.


Here's my favorite photo. It is just fucking awesome.

Do you think he caught them in bed together, pounding each other with that big purple dildo, so took advantage of their arousal and deteriorated mental/emotional/moral state? And then fucked them the rest of the way into submission?

Or, did he outwit/outfight them? Captured, they were forced to answer all of his kinkiest, most depraved sexual desires? Now they are just two trembling, quivering vigilantes, broken and tamed on his big cock. Unmasked and debased, forced to be his sex slaves (and probably hookers now)?

Does this image create entire storylines in your heads like it does in mine? If so, please share with the rest of us.


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