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Ms Amazing: Lair of the Lycans is now available on B&N and Smashwords
Ms Amazing Public Service
My newest Ms Amazing book is now available on Amazon, AND IN Barnes & Noble and Smashwords (as of Mar 19th). Cover by Amazon Arrow, who OC co-stars in the book with Ms Amazing. Yes, it's a cross-over book, with mind control, chloroform Kos, M/f, f/f, and lots of fighting and heroics, too.

Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest!

Sometimes the super heroine doesn't win.

Young, beautiful, and powerful, Ms Amazing is Synne City's premier super heroine. Ms Amazing is pulled in when another super heroine comes to the city looking for a dangerous werewolf. Together, Ms Amazing and Amazon Arrow take on two outlaw biker gangs to stop them from being turned into werewolves.

The two heroines dive fearlessly into the hidden depths of the city's underworld, and even boldly charge into the very lair of the Lycans in their quest. They will risk everything to protect the people and learn the truth.

This super heroine in peril, urban fantasy story gets down and dirty, showing the dark side of costumed vigilantism. This is a great story if you want a fun super heroine in peril romp.


Barnes & Noble:


Story Time: Kunoichi: Taking Names
Ms Amazing Public Service
Okay, I actually formatted this a lot faster than anticipated. Once I remembered it was ready I couldn't concentrate on my novel, so went ahead and prepared this. So here it is. Kunoichi is our intrepid heroine in this story. She's aiming to "Kick ass and take names" but who's ass will be kicked, and who's name will be taken?

Kunoichi: Taking NamesCollapse )

Oops moment
Ms Amazing Public Service
Hi, ye ole readers of heroine peril. I just realized I have a story to post, but have completely forgotten about it. Sorry, but my brain is totally wrapped up in the zombie novel I'm writing. I will post it this weekend.

Kinky Saturday
Ms Amazing Public Service

Catgirl: Catspaw is available now
Ms Amazing Public Service
Hi, super heroine in peril fans. I published a new book on Amazon. Catgirl: Catspaw is available for purchase, and can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited for the next 90 days. I got flying super heroines, captures, stripping, and unmasking. And it's the end of the line from one of Synne City's top heroines, forcing her sidekick to take desperate measures afterwards.

I make all of the Catgirl covers myself with stock photos I purchased, and I know this is the weakest of them so far. I played around with it, but nothing looked right.

Synne City Super Heroine in Peril fiction at its finest!

Young, beautiful, and powerful, Catgirl is a young super heroine out to prove herself. Other super heroines are licking their wounds from previous setbacks, and facing new realities in their professional, personal, and heroine lives. Meanwhile, the forces of evil are circling, watching, preparing to pounce.

Catgirl is having success against the powerful Ripa Family, so the mob boss decides it's time to teach the city's super heroines a painful lesson in respect. Using Catgirl as their unwitting pawn, they lure heroines into a deadly trap. Synne City could lose half of its super heroine corps if the mob's plan is successful.

This is a novella of approximately 17600 words of actual story. This is a great story if you want a fun, adult super heroine in peril romp.


Barnes & Noble – TBA

Smashwords – TBA

I've never had a "Catgirl" book in Kindle Unlimited, so I decided to test it. The Catgirl titles don't sell as well as the Ms Amazing. In fact, none of them sell as well as the Ms Amazing titled books. At the end of 90 days I'll release it on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Story Time: Amazing Girl: Kick Ass
Ms Amazing Public Service
Here is another story. Amazing Girl out and about on her on. There is a WIN ending and a LOSE ending for you to choose from.

Two story related images provided by Angelic Kitten.

Amazing Girl: Kick AssCollapse )

Story Time: Ms Amazing: Crying Wolf
Ms Amazing Public Service
Avid Reader's comment after reading "Ms Amazing: Lair of the Lycans" inspired this story. Actually, the simple line "a tryst with wolves" sent my mind into story overdrive. And I wrote this follow-up story super fast.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Ms Amazing: Crying WolfCollapse )

Story Time: Ms Americana: Descent into Darkness - Part 2
Ms Amazing Public Service
Happy New Year!

Here in the second installment of the ongoing Ms Americana story.

Ms Americana: Descent into Depravity - Part 2Collapse )

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017
Ms Amazing Public Service

Upcoming free stories
Ms Amazing Public Service
I have completed two stories this month for posting on this site. They are out being proofed right now.

One is a "Ms Americana: Descent into Depravity." Another is a free short story of Ms Amazing, and it a follow=up story from Lair of the Lycans. I was inspired by a comment here on the book, and a turn of phrase in the comment inspired a story that burned through my soul. Okay, that was a little melodramatic. ;) "Ms Amazing: A Tryst with Wolves" will be posted early in the new year, too.


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