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Story Time: Ms Amazing: Amazon Fight Night
Ms Amazing Public Service
Hi, how has life been treating you guys? Well, I hope. Here's a Ms Amazing short story. It will eventually be part of a Ms Amazing collection, but I've only written this one short story for the collection. So it might be a while.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading my shit.

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New story coming - Fight Night
Ms Amazing Public Service
It just occurred to me that I have a Ms Amazing short story called "Fight Night" that is written and edited. It's too short to publish on Amazon as a standalone, so I was saving it until I had a bunch of them to publish as a bundle/collection. I'll try to post it here in the next couple of days.

Still alive and kicking.
Ms Amazing Public Service
I've been writing like a fool. Mostly on my next zombie book. I guess I lost track of how long it's been since I posted. Good news is there is a free story coming soon. I'm co-writing it with Leggo. I've written my part, and now he's adding his magic to it. Once it is done it'll be posted here. I also have a angel vs demon (both females) story similar to the super heroine stories almost completed and that'll be posted here, as well.

On the commercial front, I'm well into the next zombie book (the first two are my best sellers right now, so that's where the money looks to be right now). I hope to publish that book before end of May.

I also have finished writing the next Ms Amazing book. It's been edited and ready to go. I'll publish it as soon as the cover is completed, which I hope is sometime in May as well.


Doesn't this look like a damned good Brenda Wade (as a latex wearing sex slave)?

Fighting the Horde (Total Apoc Trilogy #2) Zombie novel
Ms Amazing Public Service
Fight the Hordes (Total Apoc Trilogy #2)

The zombie apocalypse was bad enough, but now Kyle, Olivia, and Ralph are captured by the town of Emory and forced to fight the horde as slave soldiers. It is unrelenting soul-numbing butchery. They plot their escape every waking moment. Their dreams of going home have not died.

When their escape attempt fails, they are given an offer they can't refuse – Guide a small force of armed men back to Carson to retrieve a cache of weapons and ammo, or be hung by the neck for "treason."

The decision wasn't that hard. Soon, they find themselves back on the road and knee deep in zombies and murderous survivors. In the new world order of might is right, they have to dig deep to find the strength to fight for their freedom and humanity.

Kyle was going home. No one living or undead was going to stop him.


Other erotica pen names:

It was suggested I post my other pen names/links in case anyone was interested.

The Author Central pages don't show all of the titles: There are more titles of each pen name on Smashwords, since Amazon blocked some of them.

Ana Thalia -
(Lactation Author)

Cat Wilder -
(SF & Fantasy Erotica Author)

Cindy Sutton -
(Gangbang and rough sex Author)

Jakki Handler -
(Erotica Author)

Jenevieve DeBeers -
(Various Kinds of Erotica Author)

John Waylon -
(Erotica Author)

Raquel Rogue -
(Gangbang and PI/step-relations Erotica Author)

Lady Justice and the Zombie Apocalypse
Ms Amazing Public Service
Lady Justice and the Zombie Apocalypse Blurb:

Cover by Cover by Angelic Kitten

Lady Justice and Justice Girl fly into battle against Momma Doom. The evil witch vows to destroy Central City before the sun rises. The two super heroines must stop her before she unleashes Hell upon the earth.

It doesn't go so well, and a spell is unleashed that turns most of the people into undead zombies. Now they must battle the zombie hordes and the witch. Can the super heroines capture the witch and force her to reverse the spell? Or is all lost?

This is a 12100 word novella in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.


Update time
Ms Amazing Public Service
My income is continuing to drop, but I am hoping it won't go much lower. My wife is pressuring me to go out and find another day job. You know I don't want to do that, so I've been writing and publishing a lot of stuff, including a trilogy of zombie books. I just finished book 2 and it will be published next week.

Also, I finished another super heroine book. Except this one is a new heroine called Lady Justice. It might be a one shot under one of my zombie book pen names, Garth Ono. Title, Lady Justice and the Zombie Apocalypse.

I'd post the book here, but Amazon won't let me and since it will be going into Kindle Unlimited for a minimum of 90 days. Sorry. But there is not sex, so I don't know if anyone here really wants to read it anyway.

All this means I haven't spent a lot of time on the next Super Mom. I've written a little on it, but the stuff for money has priority. If my incomes starts rising again, I'll be able to devote more time to writing it.

So that is the state of my affairs and writing. Keep checking back, I'll eventually have more free stories.

Once again, sorry that I've dropped the ball on the free stories this winter.

Evidence that Wonder Woman is laying down on the job more and more
Ms Amazing Public Service

Wonder Woman pictures
Ms Amazing Public Service
Hi, y'all.

I'm still alive and kicking, just not as hard. Sales have taken a downturn, so I've been pretty busy trying to turn the downward trend around. Still, I slowly plugging away at the next Super Mom and some Ms Americana and other heroines.

Here are some Wonder Woman pictures. Finding new WW pictures is getting harder, too. What's wrong with the world?

The Horde Rises (Total Apoc Trilogy #1)
Ms Amazing Public Service
The Horde Rises (Total Apoc Trilogy #1) is live on Amazon and in KU. I am not sure if anyone here is interested in this kind of fiction. It is 99 cents for the foreseeable future. I published under my UF pen name.

There is no sex in this book.

Kyle is awakened out of an amazing dream by his friends, Ralph and Olivia. They are all frantic, saying it's the end of the world. He thinks the dumb computer geeks are crazy and he just wants to go back to sleep, but then they turn on the TV news and his world changes.

Zombies are running amok. There was a full-scale nuclear exchange overnight, followed up with a biological weapon attack.

He just wants to get home to his family. The three of them are convinced the skills they learned playing the video game Zombie Hunter will serve them well. It quickly proves nothing like the game, and there are a lot of zombies between them and home.

Kyle fights his way through the undead and other survivors, with his friends by his side. Their desire is to get back to their small home town before the zombies get their families. And then the next wave of attacks hit and the lights go out.

Link to Amazon:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Story Time: Super Mom: Bound For Evil (Chapter 2)
Ms Amazing Public Service
Here it is, folks. I hope you enjoy it. This is chapter 2 of 5 of book 2 of the Super Mom trilogy.

Super Mom stories are only posted here, for my most loyal minions of evil…I mean, my readers. Let me know what you think.

Super Mom: Bound For Evil - Chapter 2Collapse )


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