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Ms Amazing Public Service
Next weekend will be the new Flag Girl story.

I live in Texas, and over the past 2 months we've received a lot of rain, in the last few weeks it has gotten really bad. The lake two miles from me was 12 down at the end of Feb, and as of today is 12 feet over flood stage. Everything is underwater in Texas, or so it seems. Starting today, we're supposed to get at least a week without rain. Yeah for no rain! It's weird to say that, since prior to this spring we were in a 4 year drought and lakes were drying up all over the place. Now the lakes are all flooded, and one lake's dam is close to collapsing. So we went from one extreme to the other. Well, at least all of the lakes are full.

I'm lucky where I live, it's higher elevation, but my yard is still flooded, but that's poor drainage.

Sexy picture
Ms Amazing Public Service
This is a picture someone commissioned of scene in one of my stories. Many thanks to him.

The artist is Oo_Sebastian_oO, but I couldn't locate a DA page.

Ms Amazing Public Service
For some reason, I see this scene being played out in a future story.

Story Time: Super Mom: Seduced by Evil (Chapter 5)
Ms Amazing Public Service
Greetings, lovers of super heroines in peril. Here is Chapter 5 as promised.

Super Mom: Seduced by Evil - Chapter 5Collapse )

Lara Croft
Ms Amazing Public Service
I've been thinking a lot about Lara Croft recently. I've even started a tomb raider themed story/series, but with multiple rival tomb raiders. I haven't decided if I'll use a new pen name, or published under Don Ship or JK Waylon.

Here's some of my most recent inspiration.

If you are into Lara Croft, check out the below link. DeTamasso does some of the best Lara around. Check both the "Artwork" and the "Downloads" sections. In downloads there are entire stories. Area 51 is my fav, despite the dickgirl. It was the first time I thought a dickgirl was sexy!


Here's an example of his Lara:

Wonder Woman
Ms Amazing Public Service

Do you like Wonder Woman with dark pantyhose like on this picture? Or the bare leg look?

(no subject)
Ms Amazing Public Service
Another super heroine story by Cindy Sutton. For sale on Amazon only at this time.

99 cents through Sunday, May 17th

Cover by Angelic Kitten

This story is available for borrow on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service for at least the next 3 months.

Sexy super heroine Incredible Woman is having one of those nights. She's not too concerned when ladies of the evening surround her, until one of them steals away her all-important talisman of power. To get it back, the shapely heroine will have to do what she's told. Jezebel is looking for a new pony girl, and Incredible Woman will have to pony up if she wants to remain a super powered heroine. They are all about to have the ride of their lives on the mean streets of the city.

This story has a super heroine seduced, tricked into becoming a ponygirl, bdsm themes, girl-on-girl bondage sex, MF sex

Super Heroine Misadventures Series:
Taking the Super Heroine
Incredible Woman's Unbridled Passions

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XUYQ3GI

Ms Amazing Public Service
Look for Chapter 5 of the Super Mom story this weekend!

Ms Amazing Public Service

Love this Batgirl look.

Has the world gone insane?
Ms Amazing Public Service
I'm not liking the scene I just wrote for Super Mom yesterday. It's...boring. Nothing really happened. Oh, she got fucked, but still. Boring shit.

How do I energize my super heroine in peril mojo? I search for the newest Wonder Woman pictures. Is there another way?

And that brings us to, Has the world gone insane? Where are all the Wonder Woman in chains, hogtied, captured by Cheetah? I see the same pictures I saw six months ago. If artists are drawing the Amazing Amazon's fertile womb getting plowed by Nazis and/or super villains, then what are they doing? The world cannot have too much WW in peril and/or in bondage. Seriously.

Here's what I have to today. Both are by Lady Tania on DeviantArt. Check her out, she's an amazing artist. Ultra Woman (based WW) is one of my favorites. Link: http://ladytania.deviantart.com/

The below picture is from Wonder Curia, with her OC and Ultra Woman, also on DeviantArt createded by Lady Tania


And here is Lady Tania's version of Wonder Woman. Pretty good, I'd say.

I usually search Google and DeviantArt for new Wonder Woman in peril pictures. If anyone knows of better sites, let me know. I'm going into withdrawal.

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